If you’ve ever been unhappy with your smile and thought there was no way to change it, the cosmetic dentistry experts at South Point Dental Centre in South Surrey/White Rock have 5 simple solutions for you.

Dental patients at South Point Dental Centre in South Surrey/White Rock have been experiencing the benefits from cosmetic dentistry for years. Typically, in just one dental appointment you can brighten, whiten or straighten your smile easily with:

Professional Teeth Bleaching – This process is used to whiten teeth and can help to eliminate stains. Patients can easily eliminate years of teeth stains from coffee, tea, smoking or medication in one easy procedure. In most cases, professional whitening treatments can work to make your teeth up to 8 shades whiter.

Dental Veneers –  If you want to change the color or shape of your teeth and get that winning smile you’ve always wanted, veneers are the choice for you. Thin pieces of porcelain are used on teeth to correct flaws in a person’s teeth.

Porcelain Crowns – A crown, also known as a cap, encases the entire surface of a tooth in order to restore its original size and shape. Dental crowns will protect and strengthen teeth that cannot be restored with fillings. Porcelain crowns are considered a form of cosmetic dentistry because of their white custom-designed surface. Many dental patients replace their old, metal crowns with strong, durable and natural-looking composite crowns.

Composite (white) Fillings – Need a cavity filled but not looking for a mouth full of metal? At South Point Dental Centre in South Surrey/White Rock, we utilize composite resin, a natural, tooth-coloured alternative to unattractive silver fillings. Composite fillings (also known as white, or mercury-free fillings), are made of a durable, plastic material that is simple to affix and impossible to notice.

Contouring and reshaping – If you have healthy teeth and want to get a subtle makeover for your smile in a single session, contouring and tooth reshaping is done efficiently and will correct the flaws in your mouth. This procedure is normally used in conjunction with bonding to change the look of your teeth.

Contact us today at South Point Dental Centre in South Surrey/White Rock and book an appointment today to get that smile you’ve always wanted.